Friday, August 5, 2011

Everything I've Built in Wergbabwe

The great nation of Wergbabwe was founded roughly a year ago, and since then much has been built on (And beneath) this land. Following is a list of all that I have built for our country. Links to footage of each building are in each description provided said building has been filmed. Not pictured are all the roads, subway tunnels and sewers that I made as those are horribly boring.

New Ictonington/Financial District

Here we see the site of my very first build on the server. You may notice that there is nothing here. That is because it exploded. Moving along.

This wooden tower here is vacant, as are most buildings in the Financial District. It used to have a roller disco but now it does not. Also there is a tree on the roof.

This here is the largest of the office buildings in the Financial District. It is also the most empty. Even the window washers have abandoned it.

Here we have the very first McDuckles location ever constructed. A mighty fast food corporation has evolved from this humble restaurant, despite how terrible the food is.

Just outside of the Financial District sits my massive hilltop mansion, made entirely of cobblestone. It's not very comfortable... But it's big.

The Seaside Village of Remarkable Misfortune

And here is where all the magic happens. Or used to happen. Before everyone died. Now it is merely a tourist attraction, but it doesn't attract any tourists, because they all died, too.

Downtown Ictonington

This towering brick monstrosity is ugly and I don't really like it, but it is mine so here it is. Feel free to throw popcorn at your screen.

This here isn't entirely my work. Mastermind did the first little bit, then asked me to do the rest, which I did. Considering what was available at the time (This was built some time last year) it's not too bad I suppose.

Well would ya look at that, another square, cobblestone tower. Yeah, we're really into the old stuff right now. Did a few touch-ups on this one recently, though, so it's better than it was.

West Ictonington

Ah, now we're getting into the newer stuff. This here is Harmony Lanes. Six lanes of wondrous bowling glory. Also has a McDuckles conveniently located on the second floor, just in case you want to get some food poisoning while you're at it. Construction of the bowling alley was aided by Nomible and Djy1991.

Don't let the bland exterior fool you. This disco hall has flashing lights and a bar and a deck and lots of good stuff. I'll probably touch up the outside a bit before we film this (Which should be soon). Construction of the disco hall was aided by Bro and Djy1991.

Along the West Ictonington boardwalk sits The Crab Shack, a restaurant that coincidentally shares a name with one from My Name Is Earl. How I didn't notice this for two whole days is a mystery.

And here we have my grandest achievement, the McDuckles Tower. Headquarters for McDuckles operations all over Wergbabwe, and beyond.

Nearby is the central building for Wergbabwe's postal service. It is based on some random post office I found on Google Images ages ago and I can't be bothered to track it down again.

This corner plaza houses several store units and features three apartments on the second floor, accessible via a back alley staircase.

It's a theme restaurant and that's all I'm gonna say right now.

Middle of Nowhere

It's a work in progress.

Residential District

This here is Billy Mays Memorial Elementary School. Why is it called that? Because the subway station map says so. Also I named it that.

This is a house based on a house that I may or may not live in. Maybe.

This is an apartment complex based on an apartment complex I may or may not have used to live in. Maybe.

This modern log cabin sits on a cliff opposite the apartment complex. It's far more interesting on the inside but TOO BAD I'm only gonna show you the outside.

This small house sits in the woods and nobody pays attention to it.

A watch tower stands atop this bizarre mountain that sits between Downtown Ictonington and the Residential District. I think it's pretty neat.


I built this farm on a hill near the Residential District. Nomible then built another farm nearby because he is unoriginal.

Upper Ictonington

The Squirtle Bros. Sewage Treatment Plant takes care of all waste in the land of Wergbabwe. I assure you that my ownership of both this plant and a fast food chain are completely coincidental.

This is a small pumping station for the sewage treatment network. That is all.

Lower Ictonington

This is the PD Tower. All resemblance to the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is just your mind playing tricks on you. Maybe you should lie down for a minute.

This branch office of Aperture Science was constructed by Mastermind and myself. We assure you that it is perfectly safe and that nothing will try to kill you.

The Bedrock Building is made of bedrock. There really isn't much more to say.

This short little apartment building is jealous of all the taller buildings surrounding it. One day it shall have its revenge.

This is a tower made of logs. It is highly flammable and nobody likes it.

This here bridge was designed by me. Built by me (Mostly). And you best hope... Not pointed at you.

This weird apartment building has a diving board on the roof. Don't question it.

This is the only subway station in this post, although I built pretty much all of them. I'm only showing this one because of how pretty it is. Isn't it pretty? It's quite pretty.

Some Place We Haven't Named Yet That Is Sorta Between The Airport And Downtown Ictonington

Here at Strickland Propane we sell propane and propane accessories. Charcoal? Get the hell away from me.

Wergbabwe's Wonderland

I built a Ferris Wheel. It's not quite done but oh well.

Cave Town

This is my Cave Town house built into the roof of... Well, Cave Town. It has a Hot Tub Time Machine that makes Puppy even uglier but David didn't put that part in the video because he sucks.

t3h_d00d's Castle

I built this tree house and then t3h_d00d build castle walls around it and now I guess it's in his castle. It's still mine, though.




That's all for now. I'll add some more stuff as it is built. I now leave you with this Jill Sandvich.

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  1. I must say I really like the architecture that your server seems to have. The bridge is quite nice and so are the empty apartment buildings! Bravo, Sir Duck!