Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Frequently Asked ICTON Questions

All over Facebook, Twitter and Steam I keep seeing the same questions being asked regarding ICTON. Rather than reply to these questions individually over and over and over and over and over and... Well, you get the idea. I'm just gonna take some of the most frequently-asked of these questions and answer them here. So sit down and read 'em.

Minecraft-Related Questions

Can I join your Minecraft server?: The short answer is no. The long answer is still no. The even longer answer is that our server is mostly kept private to prevent spamming, destruction and general chaos. Yes, we did used to have it open to guests, but maintaining order was difficult. Overall it's just best for everyone if the server remains private.

Did you mine all the resources for your Minecraft build, or use an inventory editor?: Can you imagine the size of the mine necessary to support a civilization such as Wergbabwe? No, we use an inventory editor to get our resources. We didn't back in the early days, though, back when we built New Ictonington. Yes, there is an absolutely massive mine underneath the town for all the cobblestone we used. I should know, as I dug it. Anyways, around the time we got to building the Financial District, we started exploiting an item-duplication bug to get infinite amounts of everything. Shortly after that we just installed an inventory editor.

Will there be more ICTON Adventures in Minecraft?: Of course! We're currently finishing up a rather large chunk of map to prepare it for filming. The plan is to eventually film the entire island of Wergbabwe, which will take a long, LONG time.

Can you put your Minecraft map up for download?: We will not be putting the map up for download any time soon. For starters, it's not even done. Almost every part of the map we haven't filmed yet is incomplete. Second, if we did, people would surely start making their own videos of our map, which would ruin some of the fun of us doing the same. Perhaps far off in the future when we (Finally) finish filming it all the map will be put up for download, but as of now we'll be keeping it in our greedy little paws.

I caught a My Little Pony reference in your Minecraft video. Are you guys all bronies?: No, we are not. Almost every reference you saw in those videos (Viking Village and Kakariko Village, to be exact) were put together by Nomible and myself, with nobody else contributing. There are a handful of bronies in ICTON, but most members (Including Djy1991) are not fans.

Where's Djy1991 in the videos?: Djy1991 (Or David, as we call him, because it's his name) does all the filming, so he's behind the camera. Someone else could film instead, but then they'd have to send about 20 GB of footage to David over the internet so he could edit it all. So, to keep it simple, David stays behind the camera.

Is ICTON Adventures in Minecraft all scripted, or is it improv?: I saw this question pop up a lot when the first "Behind the Scenes" video went up. For the most part, everything is made up as we go. There are a few scenes here and there that are scripted, such as the intro to Kakariko Village or the "HERE'S JOHNNY" scene in Viking Village, but generally it's all random bullcrap we think up on the fly.

Why are the videos on Djy1991's personal Youtube channel now and not Machinima?: Machinima no longer accepts most Minecraft videos on their main channel. That left us with two choices: Put it on one of Machinima's secondary and less-viewed channels, or put it on Djy1991. The answer was fairly obvious.

Profound Moments in Left 4 Dead-Related Questions

I want more Archaon! Can you bring him back for more Profound Moments?: Chances are that Archaon will never be in a Profound Moments video again. He's rarely online and successfully scheduling a film session around this would be next to impossible. It's hard enough getting the regulars together for a film session!

Will there be more Profound Moments in Left 4 Dead?: Indeed there will be. While a cast for the next season has yet to be decided upon, we fully intend to continue the series.

What happened to Swamp Fever?: Filming of Swamp Fever was attempted twice. The first session was cancelled due to technical difficulties. The second session went off almost without a hitch, except due to a major audio issue it was entirely unusable. Basically, we're all sick of it.

Why did you move on to Left 4 Dead 1 before finishing Left 4 Dead 2?: Well that's because... Uh... Okay I dunno, we just did. Or maybe I do know and I'm hiding a majorly-awesome secret? You'll probably never know.

BRING BACK NICK: That's not a question but whatever. Anyways, Nick will most likely be in the next season so chill.

Is Profound Moments in Left 4 Dead (2) scripted, or is it improv?: Again, as with ICTON Adventures in Minecraft, most of what you see is thought up as it happens. Some stuff such as the scene in which Bill's dead body is found in episode 12 is, obviously, planned and rehearsed. I thought that much should be obvious due to there being two Coaches and the entire scene being shot in Versus mode but apparently some folks didn't catch on.

General ICTON Questions

Can I be an ICTON member?: This is the big one that I see asked everywhere. As it is ICTON is already far too large, and we are not looking for anyone new.

Is there a certain way to become an ICTON member?: Some people seem to think that building something awesome in Minecraft or making a movie in Garry's Mod is a quick way into ICTON. The truth is, there is no set way to become an ICTON member. Being nice and befriending a current ICTON member can help, but it is in no way a guarantee. Some things that will most certainly kill all chances of joining ICTON are endlessly pestering us to be let in. Just relax, play it cool, and see what happens.

Will there ever be another Idiots of Garry's Mod?: Perhaps some day in the future there will be, but as of now we have no immediate plans of revisiting the series.

I saw some non-ICTON members in one of your videos/Livestreams. What's the deal with that?: Those were most likely close friends of ICTON members. Once in a while they manage to sneak into our videos/Livestreams. There's also a chance that they were fans joining an open play session, which we do hold once in a while.

Other Questions

Blogger is stupid! Why didn't you make a Tumblr instead?: I knew this question was going to be asked, so I figure I may as well answer it before it's asked (Again). To start, I just don't like Tumblr's structure. It's too restrictive, lending itself more to shorter blurbs than extended posts. Second, I ran a video game blog on Blogger for three years straight, so I'm very familiar with its structure. I'd rather work with the highly-familiar site I like than the remarkably unreliable one everyone else uses for no good reason.

Will you add me as a friend on Steam/Facebook/etc.?: (I don't speak for all ICTON members here, but chances are their answer will be similar) Personally, I prefer not to add random people I don't know on Steam and social networks. I'd rather my friends actually be, well, friends.


And that's it for now. I'll most certainly think of more questions in the future, so check back here once in a while to see if anything's been added. Chances are, if something is added, it'll be at the end of one of the sections, so check there first. To end this post, we now go live to a quadriplegic Swiss man on a pony.


  1. It's AvengerStar, hello.

    Anyway, thanks for the FAQ. Now I can link people to this when they have these questions without getting pissed.